They say there is nothing constant in this life but change. And change comes in so many forms that it may entail moving and transporting some valuable items from the security of your home or simply putting them in some storage facility which would hold and secure them for a specified amount of time.

Your things are your investments. You paid your hard-earned cash to purchase that particular item and you care for them like you would a beloved offspring or relative. These items mean something – reminders of milestones, achievements; mementos of people, places or events that really matter to you and they need to be taken care of properly. Breaking and damaging them would also do the same to your psyche and that is something you do not wish to happen.

However, when it is really important that these items need to be stored, moved or transported, you must remember that it pays to know how to use bubble wrap, foam chips, the right kind of tape and mattress bags to properly secure your valuable items so that they’ll be as good as the day they left your hands.

Bubble wrap

Transporting, moving and storing regular and even irregularly shaped objects need to be secured with the right material that would prevent damage from happening. Bubble wrap is one of the best materials around which would do just that and provide you with tons of bubble popping fun afterward. (Okay, the bubble popping is an unintended – but fun – after effect.)

The air filled bubbles in a bubble wrap sheet are evenly spaced which helps it cushion encased materials evenly, preventing uneven pressure from damaging the material inside. The size of the bubbles in the bubble wrap matter because it would also help in keeping the material secure at all times.

Bubble wrap offers several advantages aside from the unintended bubble popping extravaganza. Extra-delicate and fragile items can be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap to create protection to prevent damage and breakage from happening. Bubble wrap could also reduce the cost of packaging since it is already a secure packaging material on its own. Furthermore, bubble wrap is moisture- and abrasion-resistant, which provides excellent protection for your item. Elastic in nature and made of polyethylene resin, bubble wrap is versatile and is lightweight which also helps in reducing transportation or freight costs. Simply secure the ends of the bubble wrap with the right amount of adhesive tape and your item is secure.

Foam Chips

For regularly shaped objects that are in need of additional protection in the box, you can use foam chips as the base layer to create a soft cushion for your item. It provides additional anti-slip characteristics and also removes pressure, preventing damage from happening.

Foam chips or foam peanuts interlock when pressed and are excellent void-fillers since they are pliable and adhere to the shape of the container and the item being packaged. This quality thus preserves the item from getting dinged or broken during transport or in storage. Foam chips prevent the items from being moved while inside the containers, minimizing the opportunity for damage to occur.

Foam chips are reusable in moving and shipping and you can also find other ways to make them useful after being used for such activities. Some consumers use foam chips as fillers for cushions, pillows and bean bags as they seem to hold heat and provide relaxing, near-therapeutic effects as well.

Normally, foam chips are made of non-bio degradable polystyrene which makes them non-environment friendly. However, recent advances have given us biodegradable foam chips which can dissolve in water and not harm the environment. It is really up to the consumer which one they’ll use since both types of foam chips offer the same level of protection for your valuable items in storage or in transport.


Everybody knows tape is an adhesive that is used to keep things together from breaking. Strong Tapes can be used to strengthen edges from wear and tear and thus prevent damage from occurring. However, there are different kinds of tape which can be used for different purposes. We recommend using packaging tape and moving tape over the usual office tapes that we have lying around the house. So what gives? What is the difference between these types of tape?

Packaging tape (also known as shipping tape) is made from a variety of materials which are durable enough to withstand the rough handling in shipping and storage and still provide enough adhesion throughout the process. Its adhesive is made of hot melt wax which provides superior adhesion over time thereby securing your package more thoroughly.

Moving and storage packing tapes, meanwhile, offer an adhesive which works well in hot and cold temperatures. Its acrylic adhesive withstands fluctuations in the ambient temperature better than other kinds of tape. Use these tapes when you are planning on storing things for a long period of time.

It is important to know that in using tape for storing or moving your valuables, the tape width matters. Thinner tapes must be used for smaller boxes with little to no gaps in the flaps while wider tape should be used for bigger boxes to provide stronger adhesion and protection against rough and tumble handling procedures.

Mattress Bags

Small to medium sized objects are easily stored in carton boxes but huge items such as bed mattresses need special storage material when they are moved or stored.

Choose a mattress bag that offers your mattresses and linens the best protection with double seals to keep dust, moisture, mites and other insects away. Also, consider how easy it would be to put on and remove since you do not want to manhandle your bedding material that much. Finally, try to choose the mattress bag whose materials resist rips and tears so that your box spring or mattress would be well protected during transport or storage.

Understanding the reasons why people put things in storage may be difficult for some, understanding why people need to move to another locale is a different matter altogether. Whatever the reasons may be, it does pay to know that with the proper knowledge in using the aforementioned materials, it would definitely help to secure the important objects in their lives. Not only are we securing the value of the items in question, but more importantly, we are securing the memories and the occasions that were spent well together and keeping them alive for the future when we can come back for them and reminisce.