Purchase Bubble Wraps for Both Home and Industry Use

Bubble wraps — those thin sheets of plastic people secretly take delight in with almost every package delivery. Popping bubble wrap is definitely one of the most amusing and satisfying activities in the world.

The bursting sound and the urge to compress them all in one sitting can help melt all the stress away. But aside from being an effective stress reliever, bubble wraps are actually full of other uses

Listed below are the top uses of the said material:

  1. Packaging. Bubble wraps are actually created for this primary purpose. The bubbles provide shock and vibration insulation to fragile materials, protecting them from getting shattered or broken during delivery. Most bubble wraps are formed from polyethylene, but when transporting electronic devices, special anti-static plastic is used to prevent sensitive components from being damaged.
  2. Cushion. Bubble wraps are usually placed in between hard materials to prevent them from scratching each other. Also, they prevent delicate food such as fruits and vegetables from being flattened or crushed during long trips. Aside from those, these materials are now commonly used to provide a cushion for sleeping bags, kneecaps, and handles to prevent your body from being sore and your skin from getting blisters.
  1. Insulation. Bubble wrap can be used to maintain your food and drink’s temperature for several hours, thus protecting them from spoilage. They can also help to keep you warm during winter by taping the wrap across your windows.
  2. Protection. You can protect your plants and your windshield from snow by leaving and clamping a sheet overnight. This way, you can stop the frost from destroying your garden and your treasured properties.
  3. Decoration. You can actually customize your own sheets of bubble wrap. You can cut them into any shape and size, and paint them any color. They actually make for great wall art and decoration.


Having mentioned these various uses, order your own rolls of bubble wrap now in your desired size and dimension. The bubble size may vary from 6 mm to 1 inch, with 1 cm as the most common size.

With the varying bubble sizes, roll sizes, and a number of rolls per bundle available in the market or online, it would not be difficult for you to purchase them according to their intended use — whether inside your home or for work or business purposes.